Car loan – the popular loan




Our company is one of the largest and best known direct banks in the country. We offer various loans and financing solutions for very different target groups. This also includes the car loan lender.



In principle, a car loan can be applied for by all adults who have their main place of residence in the country and also have a good credit rating. The latter is particularly the case if there are no negative credit entries and if the income is so high that it exceeds the garnishment exemption limit and comes from working as an employee. In addition, the applicant must have the desire to use the car loan to finance a new or used car. This is a very important requirement, since the car loan, unlike the installment loan, is expressly earmarked.



The car loan is available for amounts between 5,000 and 50,000 and with terms between 24 and 84 months. During this time, lender does not charge any account management or processing fees and does not change the borrowing rate once agreed. This is generally not dependent on creditworthiness and applies in the same way to every customer. For this reason, the loan can also be interesting for people whose creditworthiness is rather low. During the term, the loan must be repaid to lender in equal monthly installments. This is usually done by debiting the installment due from the customer’s checking account. In addition, special repayments can be made for the loan at any time. These are completely free. Lender does not charge any fees for this. This also applies to any early repayment of the loan.

Any car can be financed with the car loan. There are no brand or type restrictions here. The customer can also choose his car dealer freely. In this way, he can often secure valuable cash payer discounts that would be lost with a dealer loan. There is also the option of making a down payment of any amount for the vehicle, which in some cases can significantly reduce the amount of credit required. A down payment for the car loan would also have the advantage for the customer that his credit rating can improve significantly in some cases.

Application and approval


Anyone interested in a car loan can apply for it online at any time. It is also possible to enter the desired loan amount and term in a lender loan calculator and then calculate the monthly installment due. If the customer agrees to the corresponding offer, he can then apply for it directly. lender always guarantees him a quick credit decision, which can generally also be made around the clock.
All customers who decide to either apply for a new car or to increase it by December 15, 2011 will receive a credit of 20 if the relevant conditions are met. This takes place within four weeks on the reference account specified by the customer. This is usually a checking account, but it does not have to be with lender. The monthly credit installments are then debited from this account.

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